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What would happen if something happened to your computer system and you lost everything? Would you be able to recover? What would the cost of the disruption be?

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It’s one of those things that we hope will never happen to us. But let’s face it, hard disks fail and an unchecked computer virus can wipe out everything. Computers are also a target for theives, and natural disasters are less discriminate than that

That’s why it pays to make sure your data is not only backed up safely, but can be retrieved again at a moment’s notice. 

If the unthinkable does happen, you know your data is safely stored in an offsite location.

  • Auckland based, NZ focused
  • Supports the NZ Cloud Computing Code of Practice
  • We are compliant to the Health security standard (HIPPA)
  • Personalised Service, available to provide assistance with recoveries.
  • Full range of backup services including online, monitored and managed, Enterprise class backup and disaster recovery for all options
  • Full range of backup services giving you the ability to monitor and manage.
  • Standard or design services to fit your requirements (on-site, off-site, dedicated)
  • Consultancy services (help me design a solution).
  • Knowing your data is securely backed up and recoverable provides 'Peace of Mind'
  • We can provide assistance to restore and make your data available.
  • 'your data held in NZ under NZ law'
  • Allows you to meet your compliance requirements.
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Backup is only half the story. successful recovery is the complete story

All it takes is a virus, thief, fire or site failure to loose it all - make sure you have a plan!.

Never assume your data is safe until you have an off-site backup.

Having a Disaster Recovery capability is a must. We can help you get prepared.

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  • Backup laptops, desktops and servers (physical and virtual) with one of the fastest and most secure backup systems available in NZ. Its automatic off-site backup which you can easily monitor.
  • We can run and manage your business or enterprise backup to agreed service levels. Our enterprise onsite and offsite backup uses Actifio software which greatly simplifies data backup (and DR).
  • Disaster will strike all computer systems eventually. Test and practice a restore in a virtual environment or choose a fully managed Disaster Recovery solution to service levels. We help you

What some of our customers are saying...

  • REM Developments
  • Waiheke Holiday Homes
  • Helens School of Swimming
  • CBG Health Research
  • E2 Environmental Ltd
  • Teleservices Ltd

Paul (Mozzie) I would just like to say thank you thank you thank you.  When we moved our office the other week, plugged in our hard drive and discovered all our files were gone, to say slight panic ran through the office was an understatement.  The urgency you placed on our restore to get us back up and running was fantastic and with our daily backups we only lost a few hours of work.  To have the knowledge that the system you have installed worked 100% is fantastic.  Thank you.

Elaine Morley, REM Developments (April 2014).

Mozzie comment: Elaine contacted us Thursday morning 8am. We commenced a restore of their immediate working documents to get their staff working again followed by a full restore on to USB drive the following day. Elaine thanks for the reference, great outcome :-)


We are an internet based business and although our main website backup is taken care of by our website hosting service, it's amazing how much important data we keep on local computers, one example being our SQL Database accounting program which keeps track of our clients trust funds.  Even though we run local backups each day to external hard drives, the thought of possibly losing everything through a disaster or theft or even a virus finally sent us looking for off-site backup in 2008.

We chose Mozzie because it is a local New Zealand company and is reasonably priced.  They installed their backup software and when the software changed to something better a few years later they did the upgrade.

I didn't decide to backup my personal data to Mozzie until 6 months ago but I'm extremely glad I did!  Through a computer fault I lost all of my personal data a week ago, including 14 years of precious photos and videos of our kids and our lives.  Even though I have always kept an up-to-date external hard drive backup (which failed), we also had off site backup with Mozzie.  Mozzie was able to recover all the data perfectly - at no charge!

So, I guess it may not be comparable to the devastation of losing company data, but the relief of recovering all my personal files, especially those photos and videos, is immeasurable! It also gives me even more confidence that the Waiheke Holiday Homes Ltd data is in safe hands. Thanks for an excellent service Paul.

Lynda Hull, owner Waiheke Holiday Homes (March 2014).

Mozzie comment: Lynda contacted us Saturday afternoon. We commenced a restore with approximately 19GB of data downloaded by Sunday afternoon. Lynda thanks for the reference, great outcome :-)


Thanks a million for your help last month guys. If you and your backup service hadn't come to the rescue we would have lost our main customer database essential to our daily operations.

Because of your cloud backup and fast remote response, you saved us a huge amount of customer inconvenience and also saved us the stress and cost involved with duplicating and reconstructing from our local backup which was two weeks old! I estimate 200 hours of admin time was saved by online backup which would have cost us over $4,000 in overtime costs! Your service is great value for money thanks again.

Clint Barnes. Director, Helens School of Swimming ( - October 2013

Mozzie comment: Clint contacted us approximately 4pm Friday afternoon. We performed the restore with Clint confirming it was all working by 5:30pm (note: Mozzie does not charge for performing restores for customers). Thanks Clint for the reference, great outcome)


CBG is a major independent provider of public sector research services in New Zealand, and we require a solid offsite backup system.  It took a while to get our backups set up, but we're now reliably backing up 5.5TB across 18 servers to the Mozzie cloud, including MS SQL and SharePoint.  Mozzie is friendly and helpful, and it's great being able to support a Kiwi company, plus the backup traffic is local.

Tom (CBG Health Research)


E2 Environmental Ltd is a civil engineering consultancy based in Christchurch. In mid-2010 our insurance broker asked if we wanted to take out Business Interruption Insurance for fire and earthquake. I told him that I wasn't worried about an earthquake as "it will never happen!". I did however decide to start off-site backups as I thought the biggest risk would be to lose our data. I choose Mozzie because it is NZ based and reasonably priced. I was clearly wrong about the earthquake risk but our Mozzie backup was invaluable as we were able to set up in temporary premises on two occasions after 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. I would recommend Mozzie online backup to anyone wanting to protect their data!

Andrew Tisch (Director)

Mozzie comment: We were able to send Andrew a complete copy of his data on USB disk the day after his request. We assisted Andrew to restore his data, E2 Environmental were up and running in a matter of days.


Mozzie is easy to setup and manage. It is equipped with excellent functionality to support back-up and restore of business data. With great customer support, Mozzie is an excellent service to have as part of our daily business operations.

Clarence (IT Operations)


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