Mozzie Online Backup voluntary supports the NZ Cloud Computing Code of Practice. 


For an organisation to be compliant with this code they must truthfully disclose the following information to all clients, both prospective and current, before, during and after the sales process. They are required to update any disclosures and actively inform clients of these changed disclosures as soon as possible and not later than 28 days of that change being made. The applying organisation must comply with each of these requirements. An organisation may choose to subscribe to additional disclosure modules highlighting their further commitment to their standards of good practice. The standard areas of disclosure required by this code are:

Corporate Identify

Company Name: New Zealand Technology Group Services Limited

Trading name: Mozzie Online Backup Online Backup

Physical address: 5 Arawa Street, Grafton, Auckland, 1023 , New Zealand

Postal address: Po Box 102011, North Shore Mail Centre, Auckland

Contact phone number: 021 487 285

Contact email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact person responsible for these disclosure statements: Paul Croft

The disclosures herein apply to the following products supplied by us: Online Backup covering individual and business backup

Ownership of data

The ownership of data supplied by our customers needs to be clearly disclosed. This section helps identify who owns client data, and data generated by the service provision.

  • Data uploaded to our service is deemed to be owned by the customer
  • The upstream providers that we use considers the data that you transmit via our service as owned by our customers
  • Meta data and other statistical information generated as a result of the use of our service is owned by Mozzie Online Backup and is used to improve our services


We are currently undergoing the process of aquiring the Cloud Security Alliance STAR registration.

Data Location

Services providers may host data on a number of services, located locally or offshore, knowing where hosted data is located can help customers assess any risks or benefits for their business.

  • Our Primary systems that host your data are located in Auckland
  • Our Backup / Disaster recovery systems that hold your data are located in Auckland
  • Data is housed on servers located in Auckland, with backup / archived data being Auckland

Data Access

Knowing how your data can be accessed both during and after a service has been provided is an important step to ensuring that, when a service has been ceased, the right provisions are made.

  • Your data may be accessed during the contract period as described in our service agreement with you (access is via the client software or requesting manual tranfer by USB disk)
  • At the cessation of our service to you, your data will not be available.