An offline restore has to be done in two steps: at first the encrypted data from the storage should be uploaded to a removable drive, then the data from the drive can be restored to the customer's computer. 

Upload to the removable drive:

1. download ServerTool here. Please, make sure that the bit-version of ServerTool corresponds to the bit-version of your operating system;

2. add the Backup.Branding.config file to the folder where ServerTool is placed. The Backup.Branding.config file can be found on any machine where the Backup Manager is installed. 

The location of the Backup.Branding.config file is:

  • On Windows: C:\ProgramFiles\Backup Manager
  • On Linux: /opt/IASO/etc
  • On Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/IASO/Backup Manager  


3. create a folder on the removable drive where the data will be uploaded from the server:

E.g. g:\OfflineRestore\

4. run following command from the command line: 

c:\temp>ServerTool-win-x86.exe -partner a -username b -password c -account d -path e

where a is your partner name from the Cloud Management Console; 

b is the user name from the Cloud Management Console; 

с is the password of the user that is used to log into the Cloud Management Console; 

d is a required account; 

e is the path where it will be stored (the path that you have set on the 3rd step).

Restore from the removable drive:

5. mount the drive to the machine with the installed Backup Manager and configure the Local Speed Vault: you should put the path to the data into the field "Vault location".

    NOTE: in order to set the path to the Local Speed Vault correctly, please, pay attention to the name of the drive that your removable drive is connected to:

E.g.  u:\OfflineRestore\ 



6. restart the service and wait for about 15-20 minutes untill you see on the Local Speed Vault's tab that the synchronization is done and perform a restore