A Seed Load is the process of performing an initial backup to a USB disk or flash key then sending to Mozzie to load onto our backup servers to avoid backing up large amounts of data across the internet. Seed Loading is good when the initial backup is likely to be more than 50GBs, it should be noted that IASO is very efficient in compressing and de-duplicating data before uploading and often backups take less time than you expected.

1. Open Backup Manager,  Click Preferences > Seeding. Type the path to the removable drive into the seeding path to the Seeding path field, and then enable seeding

2.  Click Backup > Run seeding

3. When finished , you can include more files and click Run Seeding again to back up more data (if necessary).

4. When all necessary data has been backed up, click Complete seeding on the yellow notification bar.

5. Send the USB disk to Mozzie for loading.

Backup can be configured to run from the time of Seed Load, Backup Manager tracks when the seed load is loaded at the data centre.

Any questions please call or email us.