The following is a guide that covers how to install the IASO backup software

Note: The software can be downloaded from here.


Step 1 - Installation

  1. On the first screen of the Setup Wizard, as shown below, specify the language of installation and work with the Backup Manager. Then press Next.

Step 2 - Proxy Settings
  1. In the "Proxy settings" screen, choose the appropriate type of proxy server and enter your credentials. Then press Next to continue the installation
  2. If you don't use a Proxy Server just press Next



Step 3 - Access Control

  • On the "Access control" screen, enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields, and click on Next.
  • If neither user name or password you have entered is correct, you will receive an error message as shown below. Click OK to return to the previous screen and then retype current user name and password


Step 4 - Encryption Method

  • Specify the encryption method you would like to use for the security of backed up data and click on Next

Step 5 - Security Code

  • Enter your key in the "Security code" text field, re-enter the key in the "Confirm" field. Then press Next to proceed

Step 6 - Schedule your Backup

  • Click Start daily backup box and enter time. You can change the schedule once the software is installed

Step 6 - File Exclusions

  • Сlick the Next button, after you've made your choices on the screen.

Step 7 - Report via Email

  • In the "E-mail address" field, enter the email address if you would like to receive daily reports summarizing all your backup activities. The reports will then be sent to the address you have given. You can fill in two or more emails, which have to be separated with ",", for example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Using the drop-down list, you can also select the frequency at which you want to receive dashboards. Once you have done this, please click the Finish button to complete with the installation process.


Step 8 - Set Preferences

Once the installation was completed successfully, you will see the main Backup Manager's screen, click the Action button top left to display the Preferences tab


 Check the email address, if blank enter your email to receive reports, click Accept Remote Connections, click Apply to save changes then close the window to return to the main screen



Step 9 - Select Files and start a backup

  • Double click the drive or folder names to expand and view files and folders (you can also click the small triangle to the left of the folder to expand).
  • Click in the box to the left of the folder or file to select for backup. If you click a folder for backup all files and sub-folders below are also selected
  • If you wish to see any hidden files click SHow All Files at the bottom of the tab
  • Start backup by clicking 'Start Backup' bottom right of the tab - you can cancel the back at anytime but its good practice to start a backup to test connection