The following is a guide that covers how to restore files using IASO backup software.


Step 1 - Open Backup Manager

  1. Open Backup Manager from your desktop or Start-->All Programs-->Backup Manager.


Step 2 - Select Files

  1. In the "My Computer" screen, click the tab Restore
  2. Choose the Data Location (defaults to Files and Folders)
  3. Choose the Backup Time/Date
  4. Select the folders or files by placing a tick in the box
  5. Browse to a location to place the restored files or leave blank to restore to the original location (a box will appear asking to overwrite existing files)
  6. Click Restore


 A screen showing restore progress will be displayed, if the data to be restored is small then the screen may not show as the restore is very fast. Use your Windows explorer to find and check files.