1. Download the installation file (32 or 64 bit)

$ wget http://www.iaso.com/download/release/13.2.0/13164/iaso- (or http://www.iaso.com/download/release/13.2.0/13164/iaso-

2. Then grant executable permissions

chmod +x 'download filed'

3. Start the installer

$./'download filed'

When prompted enter username and password, encryption password. If you use a proxy you will need to enter details.


To complete configuration the easiest option is to partially install the Windows Backup Manager on your computer and remotely attach to the Backup Manager on the Linux server.

Visit iaso.com/downloads

Download the Backup Manager (Green tab).

Double click to start installation, when the first screen appears asking for Language Setting stop and start a Command Line Window.

Change to folder C:\program files\backup manger\

At the prompt enter: BackupManager.exe fp -address 'ipaddress of server'

Ensure port 5314 is open on the Linux server.

Enter login details and the Backup Manager will open.

Follow these instructions from Step 8


Once you have configured the files and backup schedule you can click cancel on the local Backup Manager installation to remove files.