How do I restore files or databases to a different computer than the original?

During installation the software will detect this is a duplicate account installation, after you enter the encryption key you will be asked if you want to install the "Restore Only" version - click Yes.


Step 1 - Download and install Backup Manager

  1. Click to download Backup Manager here
  2. Find the file and double click to install
  3. During installation you will be asked for an Account Name and Password (these details would have been emailed to you. Contact Mozzie if you need these resent).
  4. The installation will ask for a Security Code which is an encryption password you would have entered at the time of installation on the original computer.


Step 2 - Select Files and Restore

  1. The Backup Manager opens at the restore tab. At first the details are blank but wait 1 or 2 minutes for the process to initialise and load data location and backup times.
  2. In the "My Computer" screen, click the tab Restore
  3. Choose the Data Location (defaults to Files and Folders)
  4. Choose the Backup Time/Date that you would like to restore from



  1. Expand the folder tree by clicking on the triangle next to each level.
  2. Select the folders or files to be restored by placing a tick in the box
  3. Browse to a location to place the restored files or leave blank to restore to the original location (a box will appear asking to overwrite existing files)
  4. Click Restore



The screen shows restore progress.


A backup summary screen shows completion status. Check no errors are shown, if there are any errors, click to display the message or contact Mozzie and we will assist.