Get the latest version of the Cloud Management Console here

Note: the CMC runs on Windows.

Step 1 - Installation

  1. Find the downloaded file (the file begins with iaso-cmc-)
  2. Launch the Cloud Management Console Setup Wizard and click "Next"

 3. Change a destination folder if required and click "Install"

4. Click "Finish" when the installation is completed.


Step 2 - Logging into the Cloud Management Console (CMC)

  1. Launch the Cloud Management Console;
  2. select "Actions" at the top of the main page in the Cloud Management Console and click "Connect"

 3. In the window "Login to Console" click "New login"

4. In the window "Login Credentials". There are 4 fields to be completed using the information received from Mozzie (via email)

"Connection name" - choose any name you like
"Partner" - Enter your partner name (normally your company name)
"Username" - Enter the username that was created normally 'root')
"Password" - the password that was also created for you. You can change it having logged into the Cloud Management Console by choosing the option "Partners", then "Users" and "Edit"

Click "Save" to save the credentials or "Save and Connect" to log in and save your connection. If you entered invalid data, a warning message will appear.

5. The CMC main screen appears. For detailed steps for creating backup accounts please view these instructions