To get started follow these steps.

Step 1: Install the Cloud Management Console software on to your computer (the CMC is where you create and administor backup accounts)

  1. Download and install the Cloud Management Console from here (second green tab)
  2. Create a new login using the following credentials

Connection name: 

Detailed instructions for installing the CMC are here

Step 2: Install the Backup Manager software on to Users computers or laptops

  1. In the Management Console, click on the Add Account button. Enter a prefered username and select a pre-defined product.
  2. Download the asocloud2013 Backup Manager from here onto the Users computer. During the installation process the software asks for a username and password. You can find these credentials in the step above when you create the account or at any time in the Management Console by right-clicking on the account and selecting Modify Account, copy and paste the username/password information as required.


Detailed instructions for installing the Backup Manager is here