Disaster Recovery


Backup Recovery Testing

Do a test restore by restoring your data to a virtual computer so you can check and practice a restore in a simulated environment. This is a great way to test and practice a recovery of your computer, and to confirm you are backing up the correct data. You can perform the restore yourself or have Mozzie do this for you.

DR Virtual Servers

We now offer standby virtual machines to our customers. In the event of a disaster, the machines simply need to be turned on and customers will have immediate access to their computers. This combination of innovation and flexibility truly keeps data protected and available when companies need it most.

Enterprise Disaster Recovery

A fully managed Disaster Recovery solution working together with our Enterprise Backup and Recovery service. We provide second data centre site, racks, disk and processing hardware comprising vCPUs and RAM to provide a turn-key DR solution accessible over WAN or Internet
Free yourself from vendor solutions based on location, Mozzie is data centre agnostic, we provide services from most data centres in NZ (you choose where you want your DR).

Backup Recovery Testing

Test before the real thing!

Mozzie will create a virtual computer and provide you with instructions allowing you to restore your data to allow you to test the restore process and check you are backing up the correct files. You can access this virtual computer from anywhere using a Windows computer. If you require assistance to restore data we are pleased to help you.


DR Virtual Server

Be Prepared with a DR Server

We will provide a virtual server for you to use encase of a disaster befalling your main computer. Your virtual server will contain your data restored from the backup of your computer from the previous day, that way you can access your data within minutes should something happen to your main computer! Your DR virtual server will also always be available for you to access.


Enterprise Disaster Recovery

Radically Simple DR

Thsi service is used together with our Enterprise Backup and Recovery. We provide a second site with disk storage and processing capacity to run your applications encase of an event.

How does it work?

Your Virtual Computer Available Anywhere, Anytime

If your data is already backed up to Mozzie, by creating a virtual computer we are able to restore your data and provide an almost identical copy of your computer. Restoring is lighting fast enabling you to quickly test or have access to a computer with your data in the event of problems on your main computer. We use the same backup software for restoring your data making it easy to stay familiar with the process.