Medical Data Backup



Through private encryption key management, Mozzie helps medical and dental offices with their compliance requirements. Private encryption key management allows account admins to back up any computers, NAS devices or servers containing protected health data in such a way that no one, not even the Mozzie technical support staff have access to your data. Your backed up files cannot be decrypted without your unique encryption key.

Private Encryption Key Management

The private encryption key management is standard at Mozzie, it allows you to manage the sole copy of the encryption key for each computer, NAS device and server. With private encryption key management, no one, not even the Mozzie technical support staff, can recover files without your unique encryption key. And since your private encryption key is never sent to Mozzie, there will be no way to recover the key should it be lost or misplaced.

Offsite Backup for Disaster Recovery

Mozzie Online Backup is of paramount importance for a disaster recovery plan. You need to have this when you want to protect yourself against hardware failure, theft, virus attack, deletion and natural disasters.